How can you lift and tighten skin without surgery? By getting Ultherapy®, that's how!

Ultherapy is the only FDA-approved, non-invasive procedure approved to lift the brow, neck, and chin. The Beautiphi medical staff uses ultrasound imaging and delivers energy directly to the area where you need it most. You'll have natural-looking results that improve over time, with NO downtime.

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For people who have mild to moderate skin laxity but are not yet ready for a surgical revamp, Ultherapy delivers impressive outcomes in a single treatment for most patients. Find out how you can get rid of loose skin without surgery, without causing harm to your epidermis, and without experiencing any downtime—full results are usually seen six months after treatment.


Areas to be treated:

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Sessions are typically 30-90 minutes.


Ultherapy is the first non-invasive therapy cleared by the FDA to enhance the face, chin, and neck skin. Ultherapy lifts and tightens sagging tissue over time with micro-focused ultrasound.

You may feel tiny amounts of energy or heat deposited. Comfort levels vary from person to person, although the feeling lasts momentarily.

Following the Ultherapy treatment, some redness may fade within a couple of hours. Minor swelling, tingling, or discomfort to the treated skin are common. These symptoms are brief in duration.

There is no downtime with Ultherapy. You can resume your ordinary daily activities after your treatment without following any post-treatment instructions.

The large majority of our patients only require one treatment; however, some individuals might require several treatments, depending on how much laxity they have in the skin and how their body responds naturally to the collagen-building process. Follow-up Ultherapy treatments may also be beneficial in maintaining outcomes.

Good candidates for Ultherapy have some degree of skin laxity and facial sagging in the forehead, upper eyelids, midface, jowls, and neck.

Since collagen is generated naturally, results are dependent on the person and their lifestyle. The results can take anywhere from five to six months to show, but they can continue improving for up to a year or more. The procedure creates new collagen on the interior, but the individual’s natural aging process determines how long that translates to visible effects on the outside.


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