LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy is a non-invasive beauty treatment that uses light energy to penetrate the skin and work on a cellular level. It increases blood flow and cellular development and repair, resulting in a healthy, youthful radiance.

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At Beautiphi, we strive to offer all our clients the latest cutting-edge technology and feel confident offering LED Light Therapy because of its excellent safety profile. LED Light Therapy doesn’t include UV radiation, which damages the skin. As a result, LED treatment is suitable for frequent application. LED light therapy doesn’t induce burns, unlike chemical peels or laser therapy, and is known to be safe for all skin types and colors.


LED laser therapy may help cure multiple skin issues, including:

Benefits of LED Light Therapy

Are not what you see on the outside, but it works deep into the cellular as well.

The benefits of cellular detox include: not what you see on the outside, but it works deep down to the cellular as well.


Some of the visible benefits:
Production of collagen, tightens the elastin layer, pores seem to diminish in appearance, scars and blemishes fade away, and pigmentation lightens.


We use LEDs in various ways to help promote, enhance, and restore skin health. LED Light Therapy uses light’s therapeutic properties for a comprehensive skin rejuvenation package. LED works on a cellular level to treat active acne, reduce redness and rosacea, stimulate collagen development, speed wound healing, and more by soothing your skin.

It improves the appearance of the skin and makes your complexion appear brighter and more radiant. LED therapy helps with acne, age spots, blemishes, coarse skin, dullness, and pore size reduction.

One of our professional skincare experts at Beautiphi will follow precise treatment protocols according to your needs. We’ll use LED lights to cover the skin’s regions in each session. The lights will cause your face to feel warm and unwound. Between four to six treatments, each about one week apart, are required.

LED Light Therapy is a medically approved treatment with no known risks or adverse side effects.

The procedure lasts from 30 minutes up to an hour. To assist with the light therapy, you’ll need to remove your makeup and use a specific lotion.

Yes, maintaining clear results is critical. We schedule your maintenance treatments once or twice a month unless your circumstances demand otherwise.

Your skin will look noticeably different right after having the very first treatment. Your skin will be smoother, better hydrated, and have a radiant glow. The average person will require three to five treatments to see long-lasting outcomes in the treated skin. Of course, the severity of the condition and your skin type will influence how long the benefits last.

Regular maintenance treatments and a good skincare regimen are required if you want your results to remain.

Light therapy is beneficial to everyone. Those with sluggish cellular activity or a slower metabolism will usually experience the greatest effects.

Light therapy revitalizes and strengthens your tissue from the inside out, while other procedures beautify the surface of your skin. When these therapies are combined, you’ll receive excellent results on both the interior and exterior of your body.


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