Beautiphi is proud to introduce Subnovii, the most advanced plasma technology available today. Subnovii is the only FDA-approved advanced plasma technology with LF+ technology to deliver surgical-like outcomes.

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Subnovii takes advantage of the thin layer of ionized gas, or plasma, that exists along your skin’s surface. Plasma devices generate heat, which instantaneously sublimes a specific location on the skin. A sealed wound forms and shock is delivered to the tissue below to stimulate fibroblast activity, which helps to promote collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid synthesis.

The power of molecular physics is responsible for the plasma device’s magic since it never truly touches the skin.

Plasma Pen Facial Benefits:
The most frequently treated areas include:

Subnovii is ideal for most individuals

However, certain skin types may be prone to post-procedure discoloration problems. During your consultation, your Beautiphi expert will go through all the details with you and find the proper treatment for your skincare concerns.


The Subnovii promotes fibroblast activity, which leads to collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid growth. It also firms and compresses the epidermis, resulting in more youthful and resilient skin. Subnovii is the first FDA-approved handheld plasma device, and it uses a unique low-frequency technology and energy to combat the appearance of signs of aging.


The Subnovii Plasma Pen treatment is a non-surgical, cosmetic procedure used on the face and body to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, scars, and flaws.

The plasma device creates a wound on the skin, causing tiny scabs to form, which may take 5-10 days to fall off. The scabs are nothing to worry about and are a natural and beneficial barrier to the wonders that are about to happen below the skin. There is a minimal chance of adverse effects since the treatment region is rapidly sealed, but the skin might feel a little tight and itchy as the area heals. When the scabs fall off, the skin beneath will appear pink. This is new skin, and the pink will gradually fade away with time.

A numbing cream will be administered to ensure your comfort while treatments are conducted. The Subnovii Plasma Pen releases plasma energy and produces micro-injuries on the skin. These tiny wounds will activate the body’s biological healing mechanism, which results in new, tighter, and healthier skin tissue development.

Patients can anticipate some itching and redness that takes time to heal after the treatment is finished. As your body’s natural healing process is triggered, you’ll notice the full effects of the procedure in 12-20 weeks.

After your treatment, you’ll notice the most significant improvement in 3 months. You will see further enhancements for up to six months after your Subnovii treatments.

You will receive personalized aftercare instructions from your Beautiphi provider to help with the healing process. It is critical to follow all instructions and apply sun protection for many months after treatment to avoid pigmentation issues.


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