If you’re tired of fighting a losing battle against unwanted facial and body hair, it’s time to consider laser hair removal at Beautiphi Aesthetic Boutique! Our goal is to provide a quick and affordable solution, with minimal pain and maximum efficacy.

At Beautiphi, we use a diode laser which is the gold standard for hair removal, enabling safe and effective treatment of all skin and hair types, in all body areas. The absorbed light heats the hair, which damages and destroys the regrowth potential of the follicle – all without damaging surrounding tissue. This isn’t your typical laser and many patients experience less pain during their treatments.  Since the follicle must be in active growth in order to be affected by the laser, it is important that sessions are staggered over a period of months, ensuring the eventual destruction of as many follicles as possible, and giving you painless, effortless results. 

Session length depends on number of areas being treated. Combine areas to receive additional discounts!